Friday, January 03, 2014


I wore a hat today - a cute pale blue newsboy cap with a bit of bling. It was a fun accessory to complement my outfit.  But that brim got in my way.  I could still see.  I drove safely to the library and back.  While scanning titles on the shelves the whole hat kept being cumbersome: falling off, tilting into my face, needing me to carry it.  Even when I was upright and facing straight ahead, there was this shadowy obstruction above my brows.

Lately I have felt so often that there are lies in my mind, sitting just out of center-vision, distracting and clouding the truth that I focus on.  I know what they are up there.  Addressing them is a hassle.  Somehow I just can't take the hat off.  The battle goes on and on, my mind slipping into chasing derivatives of the deceptions until I pull up short.  I remember something I know is true, about me, my life, and God.  And there it is, lurking on the edges, needing to be refuted by the brightness of reality, chased out of mind until I turn my head to look at something else, and there it is again in my peripheral vision.

So I'm weary.  But not beaten.  Praise God for a strength I can scarcely believe, to persevere.

To God be all glory.