Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Survey about Truest Expression of Love

What is the truest expression of love:



Eternal commitment?


These are extremely relevant questions. Comment with your answer, and why you believe that.


MacAmidedieu said...


Because if you commit, and that commitment is true, then you will proceed to, through various acts of sacrifice, to consummation... gratification and ultimately to sacrifice... it is the truest expression, because it is the final test to see if all the other expressions were sincere.

(Honestly, though, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "consummation.")

Maybe if I knew, perhaps my answer would take a different form...

But for now, I will say sacrifice, because it seems to be the only option providing physical proof expressing the true nature of the commitment.

Wait... How can gratification be an expression of love?

Maybe I understand less of the nature of this question than I thought...


Well.... yeah, sacrifice... that is my final answer...

...for now. =)P

Goodnight, again.

-MAC <>< =)

Anonymous said...

I know I am new but not new to your BLOG. I am the sleeping reader of your BLOG since so many days. May you not find my English good because its not my mother tongue(sorry). But anyways, I like your thoughts and think that you are a good writer though I like to write my self and do read so many books. I like to read you.

From my point of view, it is GRATIFICATION.
We should all acknowledge little favours done by our loving one to us. In this way we show them that we care alot even for the little care they do for us.
In this way we encourage them to love us. As they know that we know how to ackowledwge their little efforts and they might think that their job done and paid off well.
Anyhow, I will read other people's comments too.

Have a nice day !

Robert said...

I would say eternal commitment.Since it means to pledge and devote,you will end up doing consummation,gratification and sacrifice when you commitment to someone.

Another reason is that commitment is for someone else,whereas gratification and consummation can be for yourself.

åslaug said...

I'm not exactly sure what your words meant either, but as soon as I've thought it over, I'll answer =)
Have a blessed night

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I'll second for sacrifice.

If you're willing to die for someone, that means you love them.


Just a little something I think about constantly.


Brian said...

I would say unconditional sacrifice. Sacrifice alone does not answer the question for me. Anyone can sacrifice if the 'reward' is large enough. But to sacrifice unconditionally, with no promise of anything; for me that is the most profound display of love.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Michael Card sings, "Love takes us all of a lifetime to tell."

So is permanent or long-term separation every the right thing to do when love is present and accepted?

What did God and Jesus do? What did He tell us to do?
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn