Wednesday, July 09, 2008


One of my friends said that at camp she learned "change isn't bad."

I'm a completely different person since camp.

I had friends praying that I would be more outgoing and enthusiastic at camp. God answered abundantly, and I could only sit back and marvel.

But the change is going to be permanent. I'm not saying I'll be good at volleyball, or that I'll cut my hair. But my toenails are red. On a serious note I'm looking at changing all the major points of my life, so be warned. I'm talking to God a lot about it, and mostly my prayers sound like "I don't know." God knows, and He'll clue me in on time.

Sunday I played soccer with friends from church. Tuesday I got up and ran. Confession: I predicted I would make it about two minutes. That was literal, but apparently my brother didn't expect me to really only make it two minutes. So I'm going to get into shape. And I ate a granola bar for the first time ever. I also decided I like spaghetti.

One other thing different is that I'm on camp schedule, which besides including eating breakfast and lots of prayer and Bible reading, also means bed time is at 10:30, which is almost now. Good night.

To God be all glory.


Melian said...

10:30 bed time?
That is a change!
Can't wait to hear
more in person =)

Anonymous said...

I saw THERE WILL BE BLOOD few days ago.
As I am not good in English can you plpease explain me what was the moral and structure of the story?

Will wait for your reply in a form of a new article.
Have a nice day.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

I did blog about There Will be Blood, but only as a series of examples of the need to interactively consume media, to be a critical thinker as you watch. My article: linked Elect Exiles, where Tyler did an analysis of There Will Be Blood. I did not watch the movie, so I can't help you.
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn