Saturday, August 23, 2008


Carbon Copy of letter sent to my congressmen concerning Russia's invasion of Georgia:

I am writing to urge you and your fellow senators to take strong
action against Russia for its invasion of Georgia, our United States ally.
The time is past for some extent of bargaining, for saying "retreat or
else." Russia invaded a sovereign nation unprovoked, as a calculated
political aggression in a time when their government believes the world will
be weak and distracted.

In an election year for the US, politics are important, partly because
they determine the way our country handles foreign relations and defense.
It is your job to support the President in a strong response to Russia, and I
believe it is imperative to remain focused on important international events
alongside our national campaigns and concerns. Russia's military
action has connections to the price of oil, to our national defense, and to Iran
and terrorist-harboring countries in the Middle East. This "skirmish" with
Georgia is no small event in the world. When we delay in reaction, or
moderate our reaction, we encourage Russia and other potentially aggressive
nations to take advantage of us, especially at times of Congressional

Take action, Senator.

To God be all glory.

For more information on the worldwide relevance of Russia's attack on Georgia, you can try Joel Rosenberg's blog and links.

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