Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Are we making Progress in Iraq?

A lot of people still think America is mired in an endless conflict in Iraq. If you asked them what they want to happen, they'd say they want our troops to come home. When asked how we ought to leave Iraq, most agree we should let the Iraqis take responsibility for their defense and government. Of course this is everyone's object.

Since skirmishes and attacks in Iraq stopped producing sensational signs of violence and death, the media has decided to fail in its essential role of informing you - though they must know themselves - that not only do our troops remain in Iraq; they are changing the status quo. Dozens of soldiers are not dying each month. And in fact, more and more provinces are being surrendered to the official control and defense of the Iraqis.

Joel Rosenberg wrote "Victory in Anbar." Anbar, that province where deployed soldiers dreaded going because there was so much unrest, is a huge province just this month turned over to Iraq. The map he includes is a vivid picture of the immense progress we are making in Iraq.

On a related note, I saw ABC's review of the Republican National Convention yesterday and George Stephanopolis was saying that President Bush is a drag on John McCain's campaign, but handled his appearance at the convention rather well. I still think that President Bush is better than John McCain (just as I thought when John McCain was running against him in the primaries eight years ago). But I wonder how many people share my opinion. And I don't know what makes President Bush so completely unpopular. People cite Iraq, but that doesn't even make sense. Since September 11's attacks on the United States, seven years have passed without any further terrorist attacks executed on our soil. Since we went to war in Iraq, we have won the war, caught/tried/executed Sadaam Hussein, and made significant progress toward establishing a stable democratic rule in Iraq - all under the administration of President George W. Bush, working against a hostile media and for the last several years, a hostile and lazy congress. Give him credit.

To God be all glory.

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