Thursday, May 17, 2012

Missed Marveling

I missed marveling at the blossoms on the trees this year. I didn't walk under them a single time. I saw them, soooo early this year in Colorado, and I delighted in the rows of varying pink down the edge of the street - as I drove on by. I thought to myself, "It's early. A heavy snow is coming, a frost. They'll be gone. Promise of fruit, these flowers, will wither and brown. Too good to be true. And I'm not ready for spring yet." Now having evaded spring's normal reprise of winter, it's summer for all intents and purposes, and I sit at work wishing I could lie in the grass but on my days off I'm too busy. I need to say "no" to other things, and go out and play. I need to embrace the wonder of life and growth and the God who authored them. Scratch the to-do list; press into God. To God be all glory.

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