Monday, July 30, 2012

Ten Reasons Not to Carpet Your House

1) It’s cleaner.  Cleaner is usually healthier, especially if you have allergies to dust, or breathing disorders.  Cleaner smells better, humid or dry.  Cleaner looks better than a dingy or worn carpet. 

2) The need for cleaning is more evident.  You can see the dirt, hair, and spills sitting on top of the floor, not buried in a forest of fibers and absorbed into the very makeup of your flooring.  It is especially useful to see messes caused by pets or children.  Because you can see this, you can remove harmful dirt (that makes flooring wear faster), thus prolonging the life of your floor. 

3) Cleaning is easier.  Brooms and even mops used to clean hard floors are lighter.  You don’t have to find a plug for them. 

4) Cleaning is quieter.  You can sweep up while other people are in bed sleeping, or watching a movie – whereas a vacuum takes over the sounds of the house. 

5) Cleaning is cheaper.  You can get a decent broom for $10 to $15.  Vacuums that work well begin at over $100.  Plus you have no bags or electricity or filters to pay for.  Brooms require minimal maintenance. 

6) There are so many steps to carpet installation/replacement.  One of the worst is carpet tacking: strips of wood with tacks sticking out the top and nails sticking through the bottom into the floor. 

7) On occasion, especially as carpet ages, the seams in the carpet wear significantly and expose the tacking to pierce bare or stocking feet. 

8) “Wood” looks better.

9) Furniture is easier to move on a hard, flat, smooth surface.

10) It is more versatile to not have carpet.  You can leave it bare, or put a rug on top of it.  Rugs are moveable.  They are washable (or beatable in your back yard).  They can be changed to fit a changing décor. 

To God be all glory. 

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Anonymous said...

Go hardwood floors!! Well non-carpet floors anyways. We once moved into a house that had a carpet in the bathroom. There were three nuns living there. When we moved into the house, with three kids , the carpet was the first to go. I think there might even have been one in the kitchen! Nice list, Lisa ;)
Soli Deo Gloria,