Friday, December 07, 2007

Sets of Four

Sets of four; it's like rummy! I love being asked questions. For one thing, answers are so much easier then.

1. 4 movies you can always watch: Wives and Daughters, While You Were Sleeping, Two Towers, Pride and Prejudice with Kam Heskin (no, I'm not Mormon)

2. 4 bands you can never get enough of: Bands aren't my think, but oh, I like Boyz In the Sink After that we'll have to do singers: Michael Card, Steve Green, (stealing one from Woven and Spun) Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

3. 4 towns you lived in: Blue Springs, MO; Aurora, CO; Farmer's Branch, TX; Garland, TX

4. 4 shows you like to watch: Pushing Daisies, Leave it to Beaver, Numbers, Joan of Arcadia

5. 4 websites you visit daily: Wordpress, Biblical Womanhood Blog, Amy's Humble Musings, Elect Exiles

6. 4 favorite foods: chocolate, pizza, hamburgers, strawberries

7. 4 places you’d like to be now: Chicago, Scotland, the mall, Israel

8. 4 songs that really move you: Christmas Shoes, Held, We Will Dance, Beauty and the Beast

9. 4 books you will always love:The Walk by Michael Card, Lord of the Rings, Passion and Purity, That Hideous Strength

10. 4 colors that will always be in your closet: navy blue, white, black, green

11.4 authors you’ll always love: Jane Austen, Elisabeth Elliot, Michael Card, Dr. Henry Morris

12. 4 favorite actors/actresses whose talent you honestly respect: Gerard Butler, Cary Grant, Sandra Bullock, Bill Paterson

13.4 languages you’d love to be fluent in: Hebrew, Old English, German, French

14.4 other countries you would like to live in: Scotland, Israel, New Zealand, Ecuador

15.4 skills you would like to improve: sewing, teaching, writing, cooking

16.4 items that are “a few of your favorite things”: white curtains, soft throws, my trifle dish, fog

17. 4 items you actually use like they're your favorites: laptop, car, tiny hair clips, denim skirt

To God be all glory.

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Melian said...

I love how healthy your favorite foods are...=)

And this post made me quite excited for our Scotland trip--I keep checking prices every once in a while. Maybe I should get a job too while I'm at it =P

I like a lot of your denim skirts...I think the one with the train is my favorite though =)

I'm feeling very random at the moment...perhaps not the best time to post a comment??