Friday, December 28, 2007

Shameless Plug

In case you're new, or you've forgotten, or you just needed an excuse to visit one more web page, Lisa of Longbourn posts her creative writing snippets at When the Pen Flows - and invites you to share the creativity by submitting your own stories or poems for publication, by commenting, and by telling your friends. Get inspired. Practice your writing skills. Give me an excuse to practice mine.
To God be all glory.

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kschaub said...

Hey Lisa, for all the brilliant words and head-spinning, whimsical even, apologies I could give, I imagine they would all fail to explain why we quit blogging for a month now. Sorry.

I enjoy writing, especially about the gospel, but for whatever reason, for about five years now, it has all been streaking. 5 posts here, 2 months of nothing there. 7 posts then. Thanks for checking in. We'll see if anything comes along. If it's worth anything, I've been away from the internet for a couple of weeks, but doubt there would be anything new . . .

Happy new year, too.