Thursday, June 19, 2008


The zipper on my purse split in two. Not the pull coming off, but the part of the zipper that holds the teeth together so they close when you slide it - that's what broke. The inside part came off of the outside part. I'd never noticed before how fragile it had to be. No wonder zippers break.

Last week I carried around a bunch of books and my wallet and lotion and stuff in a messenger bag they gave us at Awana Summit this year. It's black and orange, which is not my thing. With the amount of books or notebooks I'm always carrying around, I might as well fit them all into one bag, though. For a little while.

Classic black is so sleek and simple and coordinates with almost anything. I had a small backpack purse that could hold a lot without looking too junky or casual. Now I guess I'm back to the backpack until I find a new purse.

Fortunately I'm headed garage saling with my mom tomorrow, so I can look for a new one. Most women buy way too many purses, so they're always selling them off. So people like me get our second hand. My now-dead purse was second hand and has served me heart-breakingly well for several years.

Also today we had a real thunderstorm. There was lightning and rain and hail, clouds moving in two different directions all at sunset. My sisters and I did a photo shoot in between showers so we could catch the roses in the beautiful vivid light. I was doing it with one hand, since I was holding a half-done French braid in the other hand. That's talent for you. But my camera won't take pictures that are an accurate color. I don't know what's wrong, except that I bought a cheap camera.

Now my hair is all French braided. I posted lots of blogs today, and now I'm going to have chocolate ice cream. Good-bye.

To God be all glory.


åslaug said...

Oh, sometimes reading your posts feels like somehow visiting you (says the lady who have never ever visited you once) =) And I like it very much! The first post written by your pen I ever read was about jackets, this one was about zippers =) lovely everyday subjects, and in the end: Chocolate ice cream and glory to God... It's nice to find people alike myself =) I think a lot about your posts months after reading them.. I still think about your "What is love"-post, I now mean it's commitment, simply because it's a thing you do for others, and love is about others not about yourself... If I manage, I'll one day try to post this commitment-answer on the right post, but for now this will do... I hope you had a wonderful camp. Wishing you a Happy 4.July. I'll leave for Chicago tomorrow, but I'll probably be able to visit your blog anyway..
To God be all glory, none is mine to claim =)


Lisa of Longbourn said...

Oh, I want to go to Chicago! What are you doing there?
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn