Thursday, July 09, 2009

17 Toothbrushes

A comb and two toothbrushes on a bathroom windowsill

There are 17 toothbrushes in the cupboard over my sink. I am not talking about packaged, waiting-to-be-used articles, but open, ready-in-cup toothbrushes. In my house live 7 people. One brother comes around frequently and spends the night, so he would be excused for having a toothbrush present. My parents, however, keep their dental items in the master bath, so they don't even contribute to the 17 count. One of my sisters keeps her toothbrush in her room in case of inaccessibility. Does she have any in the bathroom cabinet? "Maybe one... an electric one from four years ago" that she never uses... I have two in there, one for regular use and a backup for travel. So that takes care of three, leaving 14 toothbrushes belonging to 3 people. Is it odd that I'm concerned?

To God be all glory.

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åslaug said...

Feel free to be concerned =) My friend (who recently married and moved into her grandmother's old farmhouse, together with her husband) found, when cleaning, a plastic cup filled with old toothbrushes, that had been spared for some (probably twenty) years for some reason unknown to us =) =) Of course there is some use in sparing old toothbrushes, like for brushing off dirt in between tiles and such, but you'll probably only need one...
Enjoyed your post, I lauged =) thanks!

Soli Deo Gloria