Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Resurrection Part 3: Praying

I’ll admit: I would be scared if I saw a resurrection.  Scared by such display of amazing power.  And then I don’t know what I would be.  Would I have unshakable faith?  Would I crave more?  Would I ever be able to not hope again? 

Personally, I’ve only prayed for a resurrection once.  I wasn’t present with the dead person.  I didn’t get called to go over.  I didn’t pray out loud, and I didn’t command anything.  It was this month, and it didn’t “work.”  I found out a friend of mine – who is no more charismatic than I am – was praying for the same thing.  Our hearts cried for it.  Our minds could not make sense of the grief of the situation, and so we found that we are wired for hope.  We’ve both been learning about hope – hard hope.  Perhaps we were both being obedient in asking for something impossible.  Whatever the case, we’re both left wondering what we’re supposed to learn from hopes dashed, delusions denied, death held. 

If we see a resurrection, we cannot help but hope from then on?  Or does it work the other way?  If we ask for a resurrection and don’t get it, can we ever hope again?  

To God be all glory.

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Nicole said...

Good questions. I'd love to witness a resurrection and be able to answer the questions more effectively. I do know I continue to pray/ask/cry out for the impossible. Thankfully, most of the time I still pray with hopeful anticipation. I don't want to lose that. Thus, I'll keep praying, until I see a resurrection in one way or another.