Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Control and Contingencies Part 1

There’s a strategy game called Settlers of Catan that my friends and I like to play.  It’s kind of based on economics and the power of monopolies or embargoes or of trade and spending wisely, as well as taking risks.  I’m ok at it, but I don’t have enough experience or genius to keep the big picture in my head at all times.  My strategy usually revolves around starting well and going on my own from there, trying to be patient but usually ending up frustrated, because starting in an ideal position is rare.  Once my initial plan or hope is thwarted, I fall apart and then lose.  So I’m starting to learn to play intelligently based on contingencies.  No, I didn’t want that to happen or plan for that, but I’ll come up with a new brilliant plan (oh the humility!).  One advantage to this is that I pay more attention to the strategies and choices others are making.  And more than learning about economics, playing a game is about interacting with friends.  

To God be all glory.


Nicole said...

Your post made me think of life and my walk with Jesus. Our beginning, need not define the journey or the ending. There are great advantages to surrendering control of plans, to Him who upholds all things, no? Humility, though perhaps, initally undesired and unsightly, is a glorious and beautiful thing in the life of one who has been transformed by the most humble man of sorrows.
I'm probably stretching your post about Catan, but it did make me think about "the game" of life. Thank you friend.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Nicole, you're not at all stretching. This post is part one of an article so long that I had to break it up by the examples used in each part. You're right on track. Stay tuned!

(PS: I have to write a couple more of the parts, or else I'd have just posted them all at once.)

To God be all glory,