Tuesday, August 30, 2011


God, the One
who created
and who is mightier
than everyone,
and who knows
the end
from the beginning,
who is
and good -
is the God
who speaks,
who moved in my own little life
to save me,
who moves each day
to lead me,
who prepares the way
before me
and lights it
with His own presence,
who gives to me
tiny good gifts
and listens to my
trembling prayers.
And yet I doubt;
I fear:
one sentence
one moment
and I freeze,
imagining the worst,
forgetting my
pleadings have been heard
by He who is
of being trusted.
And even if
what I imagine
is true
this day,
God is not
bound for tomorrow
by what is today,
and His plans will
come to pass,
so that
those who know
their own plans
are no more
in control,
than I am:
I spend the
rest of the night
resisting and
trying to
and know
and be still
and be quiet
and be good
and rejoice.

To God be all glory.

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