Sunday, June 03, 2007

Code for Blogger Templates... Hooray!

Many thanks to Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta which enabled me (finally, after trying several other sites' suggestions) to implement expandable posting on When the Pen Flows. You really have no idea how excited I am to have found code and instructions that work. I was worried for a while that my entire template would have to be restarted from scratch. Fortunately I can follow instructions sufficiently to save myself from that, and thus backed up an earlier form of my template. All in all, it has been an improvement day over there.

I also have a link for anyone to email me story or short poem submissions. And there is a primitive (but pretty) counter. It's exciting.

You know, I much prefer learning the slow way. I don't like studying and memorizing, but I like immersion. Like the Pledge of Allegiance. I never repeated phrases or wrote the pledge a hundred times, but rather heard it every school day when I was little, so that eventually I knew it. Songs on the radio get into my head slowly, by my hearing them frequently. I learned to make maccaroni and cheese (not the boxed kind; don't worry; I'm talking from scratch) by watching Mom do it over and over. And now I'm learning Blogger and HTML code little bits at a time.

This, I believe, is the essence of discipleship. You learn by example and proximity rather than by a good exposition. Church should be more about discipleship than preaching; it would be more effective. Michael Card wrote a wonderful book called The Walk on the subject of discipleship (blending the example of Jesus in Mark with real life observations of the relationship between Michael Card and his mentor). And one of my favorite songs is Michael Card's Bearers of the Light, which describes the different relationships experienced between Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy.

To God be all glory.

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