Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update from Longbourn

I haven't blogged much this week. The reason is that I have more to do than I have time for. Reading books, writing, doing a garage sale... In fact I was going to take pictures of our garage sale, but I got lazy. Though not many people visit this blog, more would have seen it online than stopped today. Garage sale season is officially open. It's a nice Saturday. We had signs - and good stuff. But no one came. Sales were slow yesterday, but we were confident with the weekend traffic would rise. We were dead wrong. Now we are left to do something else with our junk and to puzzle over an explanation.

My theory is that the world is changing. For example, there has been inflation since I was little, so that what I would have paid for a doll is about half what I would charge. Gas prices are also high, encouraging people to stay home. There is a good thrift store nearby that held a wonderful sale Monday. It didn't exist when I was younger. And people are busier. Sports have taken over the world.

Today we attended a graduation party (after our garage sale failure) for an old friend. Some of his friends were playing volleyball, and I watched. This is, you must understand, a necessity for safety, as they were not very good, and the ball had already tackled some torches and potted flowers. The youth pastor's very cute daughter was enjoying the trampoline, and some other young girls were laughing. For one moment I turned to enjoy their fun and somehow - I'm quite ignorant of the details, received a volleyball on the right side of my face. If I have a black eye tomorrow, I'm blaming the youth pastor, as his was the loudest voice assuring me, "I'm so sorry. It came off my face, too..." I'm reluctant to believe that a ricochet shot, which left him unharmed, was the cause of my face still vibrating strangely for twenty minutes.

I have the strangest reactions to being injured by a ball. Usually it involves tears and laughter. And I assure the guilty party I'm fine - immediately, before I actually know. Fortunately I am fine: no blurry vision and no flashes of light - and little signs of swelling or bruising.

Right now I have to go help with supper, so I'll blog again when I have something to share.

To God be all glory.

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