Monday, June 18, 2007

The State of Israel

"The President Speaks," by Jerusalem Post assistant editor Caroline B. Glick, gives a description of Israel and her neighbors - from last week. Some developments not clearly explained by the liberal, anti-Israel news media have occured which I don't understand. I think the Palestinian leader kicked out more extreme terrorist supporters from the government of Palestine, and in response Hamas took over Gaza. Then the United States, not liking these tenants of Gaza, and appreciating the step in the "right" direction by Palestinian authorities, have pledged full support of Palestine. This just when I was thinking Israel was gearing up to need the United States' full support against the enemies preparing for war on every side.

I was curious, however, with all this talk in the news about democratic elections and nationalistic authorities in Palestine, when Palestine became its own country. Last I knew Israel was given land, that had been occupied by Britain, so that it could be a Jewish homeland. Caroline Glick's article addresses this to some extent, in large part crediting President George W. Bush with the 2-state existence in the area right now. I thought Israel owned the land and was letting non-Jewish people sort of colonize it beneath their authority. Maybe they gave up more land for peace which won't come. I'm so confused.

In case you're as confused as I, please read the article and lessen your confusion just a bit. I'm not sure I agree with her, since she thinks a 2-nation status is workable. If I ever do figure out geography and politics over there, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, consult Joel Rosenberg's blog for updates on the humanitarian/Christian situations in Israel and Palestine. He understands the Middle East, just hasn't exactly explained it all.

To God be all glory.

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