Friday, July 06, 2007

Curious about Congressmen

Something happened recently in our country that got me excited:

The people spoke. Calls flooded the Washington D.C. Senate offices until the phone system crashed.

And the people won. A mass of unread, misunderstood, falsely advertised legislation was beaten down in the dust, despite initial appearances of almost universal support. Most Senators, Republican and Democrat, were going to vote for this bill.

Inspired as I am, I can't help but feel curious what has been going through the minds of the Senators, especially those who "switched sides." Surely before all the phone calls they could check the polls that told them the American people wanted something different to deal with illegal immigration. The bill would have been so expensive and so unproductive to anyone except the illegal aliens themselves that men of principle should easily have seen how wrong it was.

If there's one rule to decision-making in the US Congress these days, it is do what is popular. Make statements and cast votes that will get you or your party reelected. For some reason this rule did not apply to illegal immigration.

If there's a rule for Democrats, it is to refuse to side with President Bush on anything. Again, President Bush was for this bill, yet it was supported and even presented by leading Democrats.

My conclusion is that some of the Republican senators were duped into believing this law was the will of the people. So I wonder now how they feel, having heard the truth from the people themselves.

Speculation has been made that this effective outcry from the people has galvanized the American citizens. Perhaps it has changed the course of Congress as well.

To God be all glory.


ZJRamsli said...

As far as the bill being defeated, yes I’m glad and excited about that. But I don’t think there is much to get excited about in the way it was defeated . It is just another example of how we are slipping closer and closer to a direct democracy and yet another example of how spineless and characterless most of our leaders are. It’s not like they were persuaded that the bill was wrong. Like you said they just did what they thought would get them the most votes. And even if, in this instance, that means they took the correct position it is still very disturbing. I’m not really excited that it marks a ‘mobilization’ of the American people either. What I am waiting for is a mobilization of the American people to elect men of principle to office, not these godless politicians we have now.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

In what is known as the Red Rules, the communists set out their plan for taking over a country. One of the points was, "Get the people's minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, etc." As that accurately describes our country at present, I am excited at signs of interest in the government.

My point about whether politicians believe in their legislation is that, since this is not their usual motive, I wonder why they were willing to stake so much on something so unpopular. Many of them may have personally believed in border enforcement and no amnesty for illegals. So why were they for the bill? Were they lied to? If so, how do they now feel toward those who deceived them?

I am opposed to simple democracy. But I like constitutional republics. In such republics there are men known as representatives, elected by the people to represent the people. They are not to change people's opinions on issues or to represent a party - but to represent the views and interests of their constituents. For this to happen they must be in communication with their voters. This happened June 2007, and that is how our republic is supposed to work.

To God be all glory,
Lady of Longbourn