Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

If you need ideas for celebrations, or patriotic media, let me recommend:

  • 1776 by David McCullough

  • Great Escape movie (movie starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, and James Garner about a World War II prisoner of war camp)

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy movie (story of George M. Cohan, played by James Cagney - a musical)

  • The Happiest Millionaire movie (includes pictures of immigration, the American dream, and lots of good music)

  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington movie (a dramatic story of a little guy making a difference in Congress)

  • The Talk of the Town movie (starring Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, and Ronald Colman - deals with justice and the Supreme Court)

  • Gods and Generals movie (a long story of the different sides and their strong faith and values during the Civil War)

  • National Treasure movie (Nicholas Cage follows a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence using clues from early American history)

  • Let's Roll by Lisa Beamer (biography of Todd Beamer, hero of September 11)

  • All four verses of The Star Spangled Banner

  • The Declaration of Independence

  • Patrick Henry's Give Me Liberty speech.

  • Sean Hannity's Let Freedom Ring

Those are the things I own. Yankee Doodle Dandy is on the to-do list for me today. And fireworks and picnics and wearing one of those t-shirts they sell for $5 at department stores this time of year with flags or "America" on them. (Hint: they usually go half off right after the holiday.)

What are your suggestions and plans? (or what did you do, if you're reading this after Independence Day)

To God be all glory.

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