Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why Don't Vegetables Taste Good?

Second to
Why did You create mosquitoes?

in the list of questions to ask God is
Why does nutritious food taste bad and delicious food is unhealthy?

This morning while listening to the infomercials that play on my local talk radio station, I came up with a theory. No, not about mosquitoes - about food.

The vitamin-pitchman was explaining how even the natural, unprocessed foods we eat are depleted in minerals because our farmers do not practice the sabbath year for their fields. Ok, he didn't blame it on that, but he said since farmers plant the same crops over and over on the same fields year after year, the only way to even get things to grow is to artificially fertilize them, which is so much worse than doing things naturally. If the minerals are depleted in the ground, they aren't getting into the plants, and the fruits and grains we eat are almost as mineral-deficient as we are. Aside from the consequent health problems, I wonder if that does not affect the taste of our fruits, vegetables, and grains. Is it possible that a nutrient-rich soil would yield tastier, healthier produce?

Just a theory.

To God be all glory.

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