Saturday, November 17, 2007

When People You Know Read Your Blog

It's good.

I appreciate the friends who read my blog and see the life that provides the matrix from which seemingly unrelated posts spring. They know what I'm saying when I try not to be obvious. And if I do anything really irresponsible, they can hold me accountable.

In theory my friends and family can catch up on what I'm thinking. To some extent that would be encouraging. Then again, what would we talk about when we're together? I like blogging as preparation for that inevitable question, "What's up with you?" or some similar inquiry; blogging orders my thoughts. On the other hand, if everyone at church and work and home knew what I was thinking, and what I believe about church, family, politics... Let's just say I might be uncomfortable and they might be shocked to find out all at once. Maybe they are reading. That's ok. I'm working to be more transparent. Just take a deep breath and reassure yourself that you know me. I can't be as weird as all that.

I love getting comments on my blog. Making friends, getting encouragement and challenges and insight from people online is profitable. Comments from friends are exciting, too. Even if they just say hi.

When I read blogs written by other people, it brings a smile to my face when their personal friends and family comment. I know Amy's (of Humble Musing fame) husband reads her blog. He even updates it from time to time.

So here's the challenge. If I know you, comment. If I don't know you, please comment. Note the please. Why are we always kinder to strangers?

To God be all glory.


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hiya. ;-D

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Hi. Good job!
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

Mac.AmideDieu said...

Ha ha... =) I was seriously, thinking this morning "I'm so gonna sit down and just comment... on all of Lisa's blogs..." =)

So, I didn't quite live up to my, honestly slightly exaggerative resolution...

But, I agree with you about comments... and I'm very glad you blog... sorry I don't say more to you across this medium, that seems to serve as such a source of merriment or dejection...

-Michael <>< =)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Lol, thanks. :-D

Brian said...

I read it relatively often.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Brian, you scare me. I didn't know you read my blog! How'd you find it?

Oh, and I clicked on your link. You have two websites with so much... potential.

To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn

Brian said...

I went from the Venture 180 myspace account to some random familiar face's myspace, to Michael's myspace, to your myspace, to your blog :)

You write well, and cover topics that I don't get to discuss very often. People don't like to dig deep...

The majority of my ramblings are on my myspace account. Prior to that I had a livejournal (under the name comatose soul.) Probably going to start using Blogger, but who knows.

Cya tonight.