Friday, May 09, 2008

For Whose Pleasure?

Why do I always think while brushing my teeth? Just now it hit me. There must be something terribly wrong with me that I haven't noticed this before.

I walked in the rain a few nights ago. God and I were talking about life. In a lot of ways I've been lazy, and God has let me know that He wants me to be more diligent in prayer and more careful about how I spend my time. Contentment is something I need work on. But I was, with those things in the background, complaining that I wanted a life of radical faith, not the boring kind. Me in the regular world is not normal. So where do I find the equally abnormal world to embrace me?

I want to serve God. I want to see big doors open. I want to get things done. I want to have friends. I need encouragement. I dream of love.

And tonight, looking in the mirror with the odd convention of a plastic stick projecting from my mouth, I realized that my focus is all wrong. Since when is life about me? Is that even what I signed up for? No!!! God called me and saved me and enabled me to be His servant. What I need to do is to seek Him, what He wants from me this day. Live for His pleasure. Him.

To God be all glory.

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