Saturday, November 14, 2009

Exchange Blogging

I'm sitting in my living room at almost 2 AM, with one knee up like I've wanted it all day. The faucet in the kitchen sink is dripping, and I just triple-sneezed as is my wont. There are things happening tomorrow, but only for a few hours, and after that I can take a nap. That or I can have ice cream. My days usually exclude at least one of those.

I've decided what to wear tomorrow, an impossible task for this indecisive day. So when my alarm sounds, I'll have no excuses for not jumping into my morning. It will be a good morning, I know. Snow is coming, but I'm going to brave it for a party. And pray it doesn't interrupt my Sunday plans, either.

My brother is in the living room still up, too. He is reading my blog, and I am reading his. You would think that two people sitting in the same room could talk about whatever has been interesting enough to blog. And mostly we had, but it is fun to see how we each choose to craft our expressions on the page.

He's a good man, my brother, a sincere one. His blog might be worth looking at, especially if you are wondering what it is like to wear purple tennis shoes or shop at the grocery stores in the middle of the night. Go to Silence Spoken to read some of his tales and poems.

Then have a good day. Think independently. Live togetherly.
To God be all glory.

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