Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Week

This Saturday is dragging on, much like my third stick of celery.

I got up early this morning and went to sidewalk counsel at the abortion clinic. I haven't been around for a save in a long time. Some fellow-counselors were saying how important it is to have a female voice speaking to the mothers - and I was the only of the 3 females talking at all. Once I was the only person talking. When the next mother came in and some of the men around came over to help, I was relieved. And just a bit later another woman came, a dear woman who has been sidewalk counseling for years. She encourages me and shares the load of pleading for the lives of the babies.

Earlier this week I got to talk to a woman going in. I told her that Planned Parenthood murders innocent little babies, and she asked "Before or after they're born?" So I got a chance, walking down the sidewalk with her, to explain that there is no difference, that we have all of our unique DNA at the moment of conception, and that the only thing added is food and shelter from poison or violence. The woman went inside anyway, but I know she heard me.

Last night at a Bible study some of us were talking about how it is hard to share the gospel with people who don't want to hear. God tells us to preach the gospel to every creature. And Jude says to have compassion on some and to save some as though pulling them from fire. Whatever that means. Jude is confusing. Whatever it means, our responsibility is not to make people respond, but to be sure that they heard. "How shall they hear without a preacher?"

After the abortion clinic I came home and drank some chai tea with a new latte mix I just got. It came from Costco, and I hadn't tried it yet. So when it tasted good, I knew the $10 was worth it. I'll have take-along chai tea powder for months to come.

Then I cooked some leftover turkey, eaten with a homemade roll and real butter. Special occasions! My sister and Mom and I went to the mall, and the only thing we bought there was food. We wandered through the Christmas stores especially. And I took the highway home, so I got to drive fast: 65 miles per hour! Sometimes I think I go to the mall just to enjoy the drive.

Back home I did some mending, braided my wet hair (should last for a couple days!). Casablanca was on, so we watched some of that. And we already had supper, more turkey with grilled cheese sandwiches this time. I decided that celery without peanut butter tastes just fine, but Mom objected saying that it has no nutritional value by itself, and I thought that was crazy. I'm not putting myself through celery torture if it isn't good for me. But I googled the matter, and discovered celery actually has some vitamin c, some fiber, and is antioxidental. But I'm stalled, half a stick left of my serving.

No one is emailing me, which is ok since I'm not emailing anyone else, either. But I wish other people would email me. Or blog or something. The other day I read Peter Pan, and JM Barrie compares Captain Hook to the pirate Barbecue, and I'm trying to find out whether that was a real pirate. They surely didn't have barbecue food back then, did they? I mean, ketchup is even a recent invention. But Barbecue, upon further research, is the cooking method (and it is rather vague). The pirate is Long John Silver, whom Stevenson nicknamed Barbecue in his novel. Who knew?

The weather was quite a bit cooler today than I had anticipated. So I tested my "natural" air-activated hand warmer, and it worked pretty well. Still warm 7 hours later, maybe longer.

This week I bought a new battery for my laptop, which has been power cord dependent for over a year. And now my cell phone battery is dying again.

At the mall I saw a picture frame made of wire, and I want to try making a few. If they turn out, I'll post pictures. Copying an idea I saw on a blog, after our Thanksgiving walk I put a few of our autumnal finds in recycled glass bottles as decoration: just dry leaves and twigs. It looks rustic and different. *Shrug*

Babies are the best. I love holding them. Last week I held one all afternoon. And this week I found out one will be moving about 5 minutes from me.

My church search is slow. I don't know what to do next. But God is faithful to provide me with encouragement and with challenges from the Bible both from my reading and from what others share. But I'm looking for where God would have me do ministry. I like to coach, but not sports. I like to disciple/coach. And I believe I have the gift of teaching. And faith. So using those would be good. Working on improving my boldness in sharing the gospel.

I am very very grateful for friends. There are a lot, of varying closeness, who have encouraged me and taught me and challenged me and given me opportunities for love and patience and teamwork.

The TV show Monk is almost to end, and I think Monk is going to find out what happened to his late wife 12 years ago. Football is going relatively well. I am going to watch the 2008 BBC Sense and Sensibility with my brother soon. All 9 copies are checked out of our very good library system. So we have to wait. Meanwhile he is reading 1984, the Federalist Papers, and apparently rereading the Man Who Was Thursday. I am nearing the end of Your God is Too Safe, and craving other books filling my shelves. I love books. Someday when I get ambitious and update my media list, I will upload the file to Wordpress and post it so you guys can see what books interest me. The books I own are for reading, referencing, rereading, and sharing.

This week I will try to do a photo shoot for some of my items, especially the hooded bunny bath towels. A friend is going to loan me her beautiful old-fashioned style bathroom. I'm excited.

Talk to you later.

Which reminds me: at the mall, employees want your attention. "Are you finding everything today?" "Shopping for someone special?" "Can I help you?" And I say, like a robot, "We're fine, thank you." Fortunately, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, they are content to leave us alone and move on to customers with greater potential.

I say "Talk to you later," and "Nice seeing you again," a lot. So you can feel just like everyone of the semi-acquaintances I run across during my week. Talk to you later.

To God be all glory.

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