Thursday, March 04, 2010

How Women Carry Purses

It's something I never think about. I just pick up my purse and sling it over my shoulder. And doesn't everyone else?

No. At the mall today, I was trying to read a book but got distracted by all the different ways women carry their purses. Here is my list:

on their shoulder
short strap tucked under their arm
long strap at side
holding short strap in hand
arm swinging
hand also pushing stroller
hand also carrying three other shopping bags
dangle from elbow
arm bent straight up
arm bent across waist
tucked under arm
strap across chest
in front
in back
at wrist with hand pushing stroller
in stroller
hung on stroller
fanny pack
inside a shopping bag
hold in hand
clutched to chest
no purse... at the mall???

Bonus: I saw a woman with a rolling suitcase - no, really, a suitcase! And a man with a rolling briefcase.

To God be all glory.

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