Friday, March 19, 2010

What Makes Me Happy

I have a happy playlist on right now.

Some soundtracks. Some love songs. A few prayers. Good voices.

Songs about hope. Even if the songs don't know they are.

We've had snow all day. All different kinds. Blowing hard, swirling, soft, hard, big flakes and small ones. It looks like a blizzard but isn't accumulating in huge amounts.

Yesterday was spring. I enjoyed it a bit more.

Today I blogged (finally) and watched movies. This week has had way too much Facebook in it.

My daddy is on his way home. He is hungry. I miss him. When he is home he will watch basketball. I think Olive Garden sounds good; I want their soup. But the roads are icy.

Earlier this week I had three kinds of Pepsi in the refrigerator, and none of them were diet. My favorite is normal Pepsi. But I usually drink Caffeine Free. Except when I'm being "healthy" and drink Throwback.

I went to Fort Collins last weekend. My friend and I watched Emma. We don't have to explain things to each other. We just look across and know.

An old friend came back from Afghanistan and got engaged. That makes me happy. I've seen lots and lots of friends this week.

Personhood turned in twice as many signatures as they needed in Colorado this week. We collected over 40,000 in two weeks. It's very exciting.

I bought Sketchers tennis shoes brand new, on clearance. Sketchers are comfortable. And bright blue. They go with my jeans.

The roads are too icy to drive on, but I want to go out driving. I pray in my car by myself, and look up out the sunroof. It's harder to pray when outside is cold and snowy.

Yesterday I ran into a library I don't usually visit, to turn in one book and renew another. And there, gleaming on the used bookstore shelf by the door was a hardback copy of The Letters of JRR Tolkien. I bought it for only $2.00. My Tolkien collection is almost perfect (to me).

On Monday I had the day off. On Tuesday I got off early. This week feels like vacation. Except no swimming suits. I don't even know if I believe in swimming suits anymore.

I tried a new conditioner, Pantene. A long time ago I used Pantene, but then they changed formulas. They finally changed again, and I'm trying the "naturals" with cassia and ginger and aloe. It is yellow. My hair smells different. But I like Bath and Bodyworks Warm Vanilla Sugar Conditioner best.

That's my life.
To God be all glory.

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