Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Game (Guest Post)

(a guest post by my brother)

...Maybe...Maybe...the silence is part of the game. What fun is hide and seek if you can see what's around the next corner? The fun is not only in the excitement of finding the one you're looking much of the fun of the game is the suspense of not knowing what the next minute will bring. Where would the excitement be if you didn't have to search? If you didn't know the sorrow of failure? If you never felt the surge of pure exhilaration of knowing you're close to the one you're searching for. The joy is intensified by the separation...Success would be just another senseless word if we didn't know the crushing sorrow of being defeated and alone. The closeness you feel when you are finally standing beside your friend is intensified by the gut-wrenching frantic searching, wondering if you will ever be together again.

So try it. I know it sounds simple, silly even. Just try it that game that many of us forgot...Hide-and-seek...a simple name...with divine overtones of something much deeper. The silence is part of the game! =) - NOTW_7-1

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