Monday, January 29, 2007

Great Pyramids

There are several times and places in history that are constantly replacing each other for "video I would most like to see" or "time I would most like to visit." Included are the royal palace of Persia in Susa during the reign of Xerxes as described in Esther, the parting of the Red Sea, and the building of the Great Pyramids. How did they do that?

Watching television specials on the pyramids is fascinating and riveting, but they give me the shivers. Whether this is because of the pagan spirituality constantly referenced, the tales of curses on "grave-robbers," gory images of mummies, or the complete mystery of it all - I love the shows and dread them at the same time. Everything would be much better, and I would be content to be only awed, and not afraid, if I could just see how such huge things could have been built. Of course I am not the only person curious. Experts have been testing hypotheses for decades.

One scientist, Dr. Michael Barsoum, is now suggesting that many key blocks of the Egyptian pyramids were mixed and cast, like concrete, in place. Could we be closer to solving the riddle of technologically advanced pyramid construction? See this article by Science Daily and this on the Answers in Genesis website. Oooh! I'm excited!

To God be all glory.

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