Sunday, January 14, 2007

Steve Green

As a junior in high school I discovered Steve Green. Everyone has heard at least some of his songs. So had I. But I got an album, heard him in concert, learned about him - and was impressed by the authenticity of this Christian. He is, through music and other outlets, willing to be honest and hopeful and passionate about his faith and walk.

The latest released album, Somewhere Between, has soothing, touching, piercing lyrics and melodies. Its a prayer cd, and for so many mornings and late nights when I needed reminded to pray, hearing this cd helped. They're almost like lullabies.

So I was very excited to learn tonight that Steve Green has a journal. Since he is busy hopefully writing and recording more songs, we'll forgive him for not having a blog. His journal is a little less frequent, but full of personal insights into living an unmasked Christianity.

It just so happens in Sunday school we are studying this very thing. Since I have been a very bad girl, not doing my homework this week, I needed the pointer back to the topic. I think I need the topic, too. I'm great being "authentic" with God, when I do pray. But with people there are expectations, images, pedestals, feelings to avoid offending... and pride.

Back to the praying bit, I struggle doing more than token prayers. Too often they run like "Please help," "Thanks for the food and the day," or "I pray for...(fill in the name)." In AKX, the high school Awana program, I learned a sentence. God is eagerly waiting for me to come to Him with all my cares and joys.

No conclusion. No end to the story. No promises I'll be better forever. But I'll try.

To God be all glory,

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