Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happenings Here

The freezing weather continues. Last I checked we had a temperature of 4 degrees Farenheit. My brothers were trying to freeze bubbles, but due to various reasons, it didn't work:
  1. The bubbles, being full of hot air, floated up into darkness.
  2. Falling snow popped the bubbles.
  3. Cold, dense air imploded the bubbles since inside the bubbles the air was warmer and thus less dense, unable to sustain the weight of the soap forming the bubble.

A more successful experiment was watching water freeze by splashing a cup-full against our back glass door. For some reason the ice moves from bottom up, though the water is dripping down. A picture taken through the ice-streaked door looked just like an ice cave.

My sister is having a birthday party, and they entertained themselves by having a very lady-like wrapping paper war in which they through crumpled balls of tissue paper at each other. This was followed by a "tea party" at which was served cheetos and soda.

I had a physical therapy appointment for my sprained wrist today. The therapist wants me to spend my life sitting at a table doing exercises that cause excruciating and hard-to-eliminate pain. The nature of the sprain makes it aggravated by typing; but I can't help myself.

CS Lewis' The Four Loves is the book I most lately finished. I highly recommend that thinking Christians read the book, but I don't endorse everything he says. The day after I finished the last page I began a book called Future Jihad which began by giving me a quick history of Islam, most fascinating, and little known. The part I really liked was the mingling of language lessons in Arabic.

Blogger hates me right now, and won't let me comment on my own blog. Who knows why? Anyway, to answer comments that have been posted, I once stated that I wasn't interested in promoting certain political opinions I don't share on my blog, even in the comment section. I do practice limited censorship. That's why comment moderation is enabled.

If anyone is curious about the last post, about Glaciers, click on the PBS link for more information. I really enjoyed that program.

My brain is just in overdrive brainstorming ideas for businesses and websites. All my ideas require either lots of research or expertise. Advertising is not my thing, either. I mean, I don't want to pay to advertise! Don't tell me; I know I need to take risks. They're just scary.

Speaking of scary risks, cutting fabric for a sewing project is a risk I'm loathe to take. Most of my life my dress designs have looked rather Greek for involving no sewing or cutting. Safety pins can do a lot. However, I am getting more daring and creative... and confident. My friend is making me a dress for my birthday, and we cut the fabric today. She seemed fairly calm, so I'm happy with the progress.

Another friend further challenged me to consider the Lord's Supper/Communion. I delight in scrapping all my traditional beliefs, going back to the source, and trying to build my theology on the Bible alone. Knowing this about me, she asked me to think about what Jesus intended by the Last Supper when He said "This do as often as you drink it in remembrance of Me." The church has developed a customary interpretation and practice, but I'm curious what the text indicates. My new pastor has helped me by supplying some articles and commentaries I have yet to study, but I'll get back to you on my conclusions.

Amy posted an article called Sage Advice. Her anecdote reminded me that older people sometimes need to be asked to give advice, to mentor. For one thing asking requires an initial state of humility. I'm so timid, unwilling to bother older people. I wish there were some way older people with wisdom and experience to share would make it known and allow the younger generation to respond by coming to them for teaching. There seems to be such a generational gap.

That's all for now. Have a good weekend. Stay warm. Enjoy the ice, if you have any.

To God be all glory.


Amy Scott said...

Lady of Longbourn,

So long as you demonstrate a willingness to listen, often it is more difficult to get people to (stop!) than it is to get them going. People love talking about their passions. The fact that you're mentioning it seems like you'd be a perfect student for any wise old soul. :)

Believer said...

I agree with Amy, if you have someone you want to learn from, Just ask. I agree with you too. It is a bit intimidating. What is the worst that could happen? As far as the older generation initiating a mentor relationship, the people I know consider that too presumptuous. But lots would love to be asked

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

So what political opinions did I say that you didn't allow through?

You can answer on my blog if you wish.

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Thank you all for your encouragement. I'm very obedient, and often just need a bit of prodding to do what I already knew I should.

I remembered another "happening." My sister bought a bunk bed that fills half her room. We had to erect it and arrange it like one of those puzzles where you shuffle the letters around. My brother hefted a computer desk over the bed to get it out of the door and out of the way, so we could turn the bed 90 degrees.

Ahh. What a thought. 90 degrees. (Thinking of weather, not angles.)

The end of the story is that she has a cozy little room with a DVD player, computer, closet, dresser, window, and curio cabinet fit for sleep-in's with my little sisters. She also can neither keep our cat out nor find her when she is in.
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn