Friday, March 21, 2008

Krishna Feast???

A woman just stopped in to ask me whether she can buy contacts from me with a prescription from another doctor. Technically, we’re an optometrist office, and don’t sell contacts, so she should have asked the Costco opticians outside my glass door, but I helped her out. As a sort of thank-you, she dug in her purse and handed me a card offering free “feast” Sundays at her Krishna Temple. Turning the card to the back, it said something about “please chant these names of god.” How creepy is that? I threw it away.

But if you think about it, she was willing to "evangelize" wherever she went. What about me?

To God be all glory.

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Spencer said...

Ooh, that is creepy! Good for you, Lisa. I might've been tempted to do more than just throw it away...but then often my opponent research side will study up on it.