Friday, August 25, 2006

Keep Smiling

My brother likes to sign off with the little admonition: "Keep Smiling."

When I was in high school, one of the youth leaders at Awana would greet me with "Lisa, always good to see your smiling face." Only I never was smiling until after he said that.

I have a hard time remembering to smile. Even if I'm really happy, I tend to multitask, which keeps me too busy to smile.

However, the nicest, most pleasant people to be around are always smiling. Which is why I decided that I am going to learn to smile... often.

This task is not nearly as easy as it seems, though it is helped by my brother's reminders. Another thing that really helps is remembering God's grace to me. And that makes me want to skip (except I can't do that either).

As my first exercises in smiling, I have made it a point to smile when I look at books at a bookstore. Scanning titles, some of them notably strange, can be a happy thought. When I think of people looking at me, wondering why this girl is grinning, I start to laugh at myself, which only makes the smile wider and more sincere, but, I am afraid, still leaves the wondering passers-by in the dark.

Smiling, like any physical activity, can be strenuous if your muscles are out of practice. You've probably tried to obey your mother and exercise good posture, but found that it was uncomfortable. This is because those muscles that keep you erect are out of shape.

Do a little experiment. Start smiling at the smiley face: =) Keep smiling. Look at a clock. There is usually one at the bottom of your computer. No, don't droop; keep smiling. Count two minutes. Hold it. How do your cheeks feel? A little tired?

Nevertheless, I think it is a worthwhile exertion for all of us. As my friend once emailed me, you never know when someone might be falling in love with your smile. Or as that unseen aunts on every old sitcom would say, "If the wind changes, your face might stay like that."

To God be all glory.


MAC said...


Aaawhhh... =) Lisa.

Thanks a million. You made me smile.

Keep Smiling,
-MAC =)

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Another pointer to keep you smiling: everyone's birthdate (month and day) appears on the clock twice every day. For two minutes a day, if you're lucky enough to notice, you can celebrate your birthday.
To God be all glory,

Lisa of Longbourn said...

This from a friend: different cultures in the US have different terms for those baskets (the ones with wheels) in which you collect groceries at a Kingsoopers, Safeway, etc. Think of your own name for it, and use that name every time you go shopping. Examples: trolley, wain...
To God be all glory,

Lacey said...

I need to head this advice! I am not a smiley-face by nature, and people sometimes think I'm upset just from the expression on my default face. I sometimes work on smiling, but need to work on it more diligently, especially as I'm now married and a smile is touted as the most attractive feature a girl can possess to please her husband! :)