Friday, August 25, 2006

What God Got Through To Me this Week

I have been presented with a ministry opportunity at my church. The ministry isn't kicked off yet, so there has been a lot of prayer for God's direction just with where the idea should go. For me, it was easy to pray that God's will would be done whether He wanted us to go forward or not. In fact, since I was not emotionally attached, or deeply involved in the planning, I could do that surrendering without a second thought.

What God managed to get through to me is that I have been telling Him the following:

Unless I know what your plan is, I won't be a part of it.
Unless I understand why you picked me, I will decline.
Unless I am confident that this idea will work, I won't invest.

Telling God you can't is a bad idea. He usually proves that with His help,you can. Telling Him you won't is even worse. Then you either get your way, and end up miserable, or you have to go through a course teaching you to trust Him. When He speaks, follow.

Because God is faithful to fulfill His plan. His plans are good. He will guide us with His eyes. The results are in His hands, and they are not always what we expect.

When I'm quite sure that God has been spotted working in a situation, I get excited. Now I am excited about this ministry opportunity, and about the as yet undeveloped role He would have me play.

To God be all glory.

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åslaug said...

Oh, how often I've had to go through that "Learn to trust me first"-course! I wish (at least afterwards) that I always would jump up from my chair as soon as He tells me to... I bet He does, as well...