Friday, August 25, 2006

The Reaction to Modesty

I wanted to point all you ladies, especially, to Crystal's blog over at Biblical Womanhood. She has a testimony up from a reader. It is beautiful to hear that biblical principles really work.

Whether it is quite as obvious as her story or just a subtle, easy to miss difference, I believe that acting like a lady, and dressing like a lady, causes people to treat you differently. Some people might call you intimidating. But really, you're precious. See articles at LAF (Ladies Against Feminism) on modesty to get a sense of the mysterious attraction of things that are exclusive and guarded.

To God be all glory.

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Lacey said...

I agree! I've been a "skirt person" for 9 years now (though I do not believe that's the only path to "modesty", it is my personal conviction) and I have received so many encouraging remarks, even from those in the "world." When I waitressed at Golden Corral several years ago, I on three separate occasions had gentlemen stop me and tell me how nice and pleasant I looked in my skirt, and actually thank me for dressing like a lady. These weren't "old" men, either...30's and 40's. It was both sweet encouragement and sad testimony to the way that most girls dress nowadays and how it brings down our entire society.