Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Long Skirts

I've heard girls talk about long skirts, and how they get tangled up in them. Some girls don't like long skirts because they prohibit certain activities, or because they're hot.

I've heard of men preferring women in short skirts or jeans.

I've heard a lot of Christian men saying they appreciate modest dress and long, flowing skirts.

I personally love the look of long skirts, the history of long skirts, the modesty of long skirts, the warmth of long skirts, and the way long skirts make me move.

So imagine my shock today when an almost 80 year old patient at work commented on my ankle-length skirt, "How can you wear that? Don't you trip over it?" And the younger woman accompanying him as his caretaker explained, "He was in the Navy; he doesn't like long skirts."

I'm not sure how the Navy explains an aversion to long skirts. How can anyone not like long skirts? And he wasn't wearing it. I'm not even an important person in his life. So even if you don't like something someone is wearing, if it isn't offensive, do you have to say anything? It isn't as though I fell on my face getting out of my chair, knocking a drawer full of contacts into his lap. I got up gracefully and walked over to my position at what is called the autorefractor to get him pretested.

Reassure me here. Have you ever heard of anyone disliking long skirts?

To God be all glory.


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hmm, I don't know if I ever have heard of it, but I'm sure some people don't like it.

You're right, a lot of guys do like short skirts and stuff I think. I don't, however. As to me, a long skirt like the ones you've described are my personal favorite.

Don't listen to them, Lisa. You're on the right track about this, and both of us know it!


åslaug said...

I'm sure there are people who dislike long skirts (I mean, the story about the old man in your post clearly states this, even if I don't take the Navy-argument either).

I guess the things people dislike about other people wearing long skirts, is that they think
If you wear a long skirt:
a) you're probably a sect member
b) you think all other women should wear long skirts (I'm not saying that the world wouldn't be a very pretty place if this happened)
c) judge other women (them) who doesn't
d) is a totally unstable person when it comes to lifestyle and choices (similar to a)
e) think that your skirt is a vote against liberated, thinking, valuable women.
(similar to a)
f) afraid to show your legs

Or maybe that's just what I've got the impression of from wearing skirts in general.

I'm not trying to be negative here, it just amuse me (and sometimes depress me and frustrate me) that that many conclusions could be made from one garment. I mean, when did that ever happen to pants??