Friday, August 17, 2007

Measure of a Man:

Have suitcase, will travel - and the suitcase isn't huge! Maybe he's travelling for work. Maybe he wants to see the world. Or maybe he just knows how to take a nice vacation.

Has a hat, wears it. (One of my best friends requires that the man she marries own either a top hat or a fedora - or both!) This one speaks of adventure and outdoor ability, even though it's just a hat. The man who owns it likes it because it was made in Australia.

He does 'celebrity' with sunglasses. Cool, composed, and incognito, who doesn't admire the right pair of sunglasses on the right face?

To top it all off, chocolate. Need I say more? And this isn't your ordinary chocolate bar. It's the shareable size!

(Please don't get me wrong. I thought this was a great picture. But the stuff is my brother's, artistically stacked, waiting to be packed for our week-long vacation to Branson, Missouri. This is my way of announcing that once again, I may be missing in action for a while.)

To God be all glory.

1 comment:

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Aussie hats, and shades? What's not to love? ;-D

Have a great trip Lisa, and be safe!