Monday, August 27, 2007

Updated Book List

This summer I have gotten a lot of reading done. For summaries of the books I've read, click on the link above. Additionally, I am in the middle of the Last Sin Eater - review coming soon. And I am delighted to learn that the Cross Centered Life which I just picked up from the library after many recommendations is actually a short book. So that should be finished soon. I have every intention of also reading some Lori Wick novels and George MacDonald books, and may soon be purchasing Regina Doman's latest novel, self-published this time, called Waking Rose. In the case of all of those, stay tuned to my reading list for more short reviews, and to the blog in general for fuller reviews of life-impacting books. I will review Waking Rose as soon as I have read it.

Crystal posted this week on the statistics of American readers. 1 in 4 adults, she reports, finished a book last year. With all the overwhelming numbers of books being published, I wonder how the authors and publishers can stay in business. And I am more justified in buying some books at thrift stores.

She also posted a picture of all the books she is currently reading. Crystal seems to be a bit more behind than I ever let myself get, partly because my room is so overrun with books and journals that I don't have room for large stacks like that.

What books have you read this summer? Have you read any on my list? I also noticed that Blogger will link your interests lists to others with similar favorite books, movies, music, etc. again. So you can look up my favorite books list there.

On my business website, I have started a policy of giving away a free book with purchase, if the book is requested. I have purchased duplicates of the books I really love others to read, and they are listed on the website. If you want to make a purchase, then, from my expanding website, feel free to grab at one of the books on the list.

To God be all glory.


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said... that weather predicting working, or have you not tried it yet?

Lisa of Longbourn said...

See post called "weather"! The book gave sort of an outdoorsman's take on weather forecasting, enabling us to decide whether it will be fair or stormy in the next 24 hours. Imagine my disappointment at seeing puffy white cumulus clouds while the wind stayed in the south, signaling fair weather for days on end. Boring!
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn