Thursday, August 09, 2007

Walk in the Spirit

During my week at camp I was preparing for a Sunday school lesson in which we were studying Ephesians. One of the points was the fact that the unsaved are governed by the lusts of their flesh and of their mind, and those lusts war against the Spirit in a Christian.

One afternoon early into the camp week I was wandering around during free time trying to be a counselor. I was doing what my mind knew I was supposed to do, what I thought I should do, and what would satisfy me as completing the responsibility. Most of my campers were dispersed to the far corners of camp that I had not yet discovered, and the rest were playing volleyball.

Reassuring myself that they were old enough to be independent and smart enough to have brought friends to camp with them, I sat down to wonder what I should do. At least they weren’t clinging on me like the JV girls were to their counselors. But I began to wonder if my charges didn’t need me why God even had me there.

By the evening I had thoroughly repented. I was back to actually communicating with God, content to wait for His opportunities rather than manufacturing my own. When the evening praise began I phased into my own prayer. I needed to be reminded who God was. Just to focus on Him. At first. I needed it. And right there, the first song was all about God and His attributes, His power, holiness, and glory. God heard me.

And the next day I did wait for him, and the day went so much better. I gained insight into my campers – and others, as well. I had purpose but it was to wait on God and obey His promptings. It was to fellowship more with Him.

To God be all glory.

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