Saturday, April 14, 2007

Changing Church Part XVIII

“Why are we the only ones?” Anne asked. The whole world seemed to have missed the point, ignored the passages God had given about church.

“We’re not. That’s what I’m saying. There may be prophets in hiding, or in the distance. And God may be preparing the people. Perhaps they were only waiting for a leader.”

"Like Elijah,” she nodded. Many Old Testament prophets had been the single voice calling for repentance and declaring the word of the Lord. But God had told Elijah’s self-pitying heart that God was active elsewhere. It was a good reminder. First God revealed to Elijah His awesome might, then His tender provision, and finally His varied work. Elijah was really only a servant of the great leader. The battle was God’s.

“I will not be afraid,” quoted Will. Such was the declaration of the former saints who realized God was in control. But they were afraid, both of them. So far things had gone well. Will was still employed. People were asking questions, and listening to answers. But church this morning would be the proof. Either the congregation would return, or they would look for a new church. Either the men would have accepted the challenge, and some would have teachings to offer, or there would be a discouraging silence. Anne pictured what it could look like.

“Time to get ready,” Will tapped her shoulder.

Inside, Anne tried to decide what dress to wear. Something that would make him proud. Nothing too flashy or presumptuous. Finally she chose something, and asked for Will’s approval. “Stop thinking about yourself,” he reproved. “There are more important things to think about.” The rebuke brought out the threat of tears in Anne’s eyes. “Like my breakfast,” he added in a lighter tone. She laughed, and made some toast.

To God be all glory.

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