Saturday, April 28, 2007

More New Things

This weekend I did something else new: ice blocking. Cost $1.50 plus gas and laundry. How: get a group of friends together. Stop by a grocery store and purchase a block of ice each. (Call ahead to be sure there are enough in stock or you'll be stopping at several grocery stores.) Just after dusk go to a park with a large, fairly steep hill (and no hazards at the bottom like bushes or streams or rocks). Each person needs to bring a towel. Fold the towel to fit on top of the ice block. Position ice block at top of incline aimed towards a path containing no trees or major holes or humps. Sit on top of ice block. Propel yourself forward using feet and hands. Lift feet once you have attained sufficient speed. Balance. Scream. Prepare to disembark. Catch ice block. Refold towel. Carry ice block the steep trek back to top of hill. Rub bruises. Start over.

Try variations: link arms with a fellow ice-blocker. Get a train together, lined up (middle person will lose his ice block first). Try a wheel-barrow style slide with two people. Go down backwards. Fly down on your stomach. (Not recommended: surfing on ice block.)

It's fun. The dark covers your crazy positions when you land. Do not wear skirts. Look out for shadowy forms below you. Never count on the person descending the hill to be able to steer out of your way. Make sure you invite nice friends who won't push or drag you down the hill or make fun of you in an unpleasant way. Mine didn't, so it was lots of fun.

You have to make memories. Live the golden years. Do crazy things every once in a while. Especially if you fear you may be getting too old and serious.

To God be all glory.

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