Thursday, April 19, 2007

Changing Youth Ministry

One of my new favorite writers is Voddie Baucham, Jr. He is very quotable, I suppose, and a pioneer in the family-integrated church and youth ministry movement. Tonight while on his website, I found a couple articles on converting youth ministries. In light of my series on Changing Church, I thought they were interesting.

What's a Youth Minister to Do? Part 1
What's a Youth Minister to Do? Part 2

So often we read about the problems with the Church. We may even know what the Church should be, but we don't know how to change. We're afraid of opposition. So it's good to hear specific steps, and to know we're not alone.

I suppose I understand what Voddie means by "movement," and I agree. That isn't the word I would use, or not without qualifying it. A movement of God. Not some movement, the latest fad or phase or popular philosophy of the "Christian" crowd. God at work for His purposes fulfilling Malachi 4:6 by drawing His people ever nearer the whole truth.

Please read and consider.

Recently my imagination has been recaptured (Michael Card, by the way, says this is one of the effects of the Old Testament books of prophecy) by the hope of biblical living. That all sounds like mumbo-jumbo when I write it. I mean, what if the Christians you know lived Colossians? What if women were not discouraged, but inspired when they read Proverbs 31? What if men prayed everywhere?

What if I did?

To God be all glory.

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