Thursday, April 12, 2007

Points against John McCain

Republican contenders for the Presidential nomination 2008 Part 3: John McCain. Information taken from his website. (all bold emphasis is mine)

"Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states. " This may be true. Roe v. Wade was illogical, illegal, and immoral. But I don't believe that abortion is a debateable issue. Just like other forms of murder, it should be considered illegal. In fact, I don't understand why we can't simply prosecute the murderers under murder laws. However, I give John McCain credit because his weakness is only seeing the issue simply as a constitutional jurisdiction problem; advising pro-life groups to get laws passed in their states while he as president somehow runs interference against rogue judges. He does claim to be entirely pro-life.

"As president, John McCain will strongly support funding for promising research programs, including amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos. " This is not the government's legitimate constitutional job. Funding for science, medicine, or any other field not specifically covered in the Constitution is at most the responsibility of states; at least belonging only to private citizens.

I maintain that the American economy must not be completely open to world trade. To protect our own economy (the interests of American citizens), we have to limit the commerce coming from countries that compete unfairly. We can compete in a free market economy. But when countries like China would send goods here at artificially deflated prices due to their use of oppressed labor, we put law-abiding, moral Americans at a disadvantage. Senator McCain's take on the situation is: "A global rising tide of economic isolationism is threatening our entrepreneurs. Opening new markets is a key to U.S. economic success. Today, despite all the defeatist rhetoric, America is the world's biggest exporter, importer, producer, saver, investor, manufacturer and innovator. Americans do not shy from the challenge of competition: they welcome it. Because of that, we attract foreign investment from all over the world. Our government should welcome competition as our people do, and not pretend that we can wall off our economy."

"The American people have been alienated from the process of self-government by the overwhelming appearance of their elected leaders having sold-out to the big-moneyed special interests who help finance political campaigns." Unfortunately, the campaign finance reform laws made election to public office more reachable by the already-rich or those with enough fame (including through incumbency) to get many people to donate to their cause.

Self-government is not the highest ideal of American government. We were not founded as a democracy. In a republic, men elect the most qualified among them to make decisions for the whole. If a wealthy man considers himself to be less qualified as a decision-maker than a good but poorer man, he should have the right to support the candidate he wishes.

"Americans have a right to support the candidates and the parties they endorse, including financially if they so choose.
"But what most Americans worry about profoundly is corporations or individuals with huge checks seeking the undue influence on lawmakers that such largesse is intended to purchase."

If the American people are stupid enough to elect and continue re-electing men who sell-out to special interest groups, to men who have no integrity and have proven themselves unworthy of public trust, they must suffer for their choices. In a free system, responsible voters can educate themselves on the character of the candidates. If they are worried that a candidate is untrustworthy, he can choose not to vote for him. After a term of office, if the congressman has engaged in behavior a voter considers inappropriate or questionable, he can choose to vote for someone else next time. Accountability is the reason for terms of office.

We don't need campaign finance laws. We need voters who will take responsibility. The marxist plan for taking over a country includes getting the people distracted from government. I see this principle at work in the elections of our country. The people are distracted. They don't pay attention to the voting records of incumbents, nor do constituents inform representatives of their preferences for voting on issues for debate in the legislature. When there are new candidates, most voters ignore their characters. And the result is more government control and less freedom. We end up with the rich being powerful, shouldering out the poor or even middle class for control of the country. Communism produces the same effects.

"Along with his commitment to clean air and water, and to conserving open space, he has been a leader on the issue of global warming with the courage to call the nation to action on an issue we can no longer afford to ignore." I'm committed to clean air and water, but I am committed against federal laws regulating these things. State or local governments can protect the living conditions in their jurisdictions with balance for commerce and the freedom of their citizens.

Global warming is a fraud, with many respected scientists detracting on the gloom-and-doom projected by liberals like Al Gore. That John McCain would be proud of his activism for this dubious cause is disappointing.

My impression of John McCain has been that he knows how to appear as a conservative while betraying their ideals once he has power. He has been around for a long time, and knows the right things to say. His voting record may say otherwise. I applaud his apparent intention to follow the Constitution. But he may be selective on which parts of the Constitution he wants to apply.

To God be all glory.

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