Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not Home Yet

A friend made a beautiful point in Sunday school yesterday. She said that the bad things that happen in life are reminders that we are not home yet. A bird died in her back yard, and she was very sad. But death doesn't happen at home. Home is a place with no crying or pain or death. Right now we're just pilgrims in a weary world.

Tonight I was talking with some friends about saying good-bye. We know we'll miss our friends when we say good-bye. When they leave for a year or two or four or forever to college or other countries, we know life won't be the same. We'll change. They'll change. So good-bye is hard. It hurts.

Good-bye is another reminder that we are not home yet. Heaven is an eternal reunion.

Last night, still remembering my friend's reference to the Steven Curtis Chapman song (Not Home Yet), I thought of an old Michael Card song, where he took a theme of the books of prophecy in the Old Testament and made it into a song called "I Will Be Your Home." Part of the chorus says, "From this fearful, fallen place, I will bring you home." How comforting. God is our home, our refuge, and also will bring us home to the place prepared for us, the heavenly city.

To God be all glory.

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