Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Updates on Life and Literature

Update: I finished two new books, and am in the middle of Waking Rose, which I can't put down (except to blog, obviously!).

There are several of my items for sale on Ebay. I am in the process of increasing the inventory on my official business website as well.

Fall has relapsed into late summer, with a forecast high in the mid 80's inDenver today.

Monday was the first night of junior high and high school Awana at my church, and aside from one child's broken wrist and starting twenty minutes late, everything went great.

Tonight (Wednesday) is the second night of the younger Awana, and I'm out of my comfort zone being game director. After last week, however, I have new focus on being a teacher of the kids instead of a boss.

God is answering the prayers I forget I prayed, but quite quickly and specifically. Never underestimate him.

On Saturday I played volleyball for the first time in at least four years, and after hours of practice, I was finally hitting the ball (forward) when it came my way, instead of crying "no" and ducking out of the way for the imaginary teammate to do it for me. At what time of life do normal people learn to play volleyball? Would you believe I got half a credit in high school or junior high for volleyball?

To God be all glory.

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