Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On Spiders

I hate spiders. I'm not afraid of them, that they'll kill me or hurt me or ruin my life. The way their legs move is just too creepy; I get shivers. And there's not much more horrifying than spiderwebs brushing against your skin. The beasts are found all over my world, and sometimes gang up on me, taunting me by skittering across my wall or floor or worse: through blankets or clothes or things. And right before a brother comes to the rescue to kill it with a shoe, they disappear through a crack beneath a piece of furniture too large to move, only to reemerge when I'm alone at night and trapped: it guarding the path between me and escape.

But I have to admit that thing with the legs is pretty beautiful. I hear spider silk is a technological marvel. And Spiderman was pretty cool.

This beats it. We humans think we're so smart and advanced. Please click on the link. The picture isn't that bad! Yes. This spider lives its entire life underwater, but it is not a fish. It has no gills. The spider spins what scientists describe as sort of scuba tanks, out of web. Our God is so awesome.

To God be all glory.

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