Monday, November 20, 2006

Changing Church Part VI

The brown-suited man sat down with a humph. “What about offerings?” asked the head of the stewardship committee. Anne smiled. This was one she had asked. After all, her husband’s salary came from offerings.

“Here’s the deal,” Will said in the manner that revealed he hadn’t been out of high school all that long. “If God lays on our hearts a need, we’ll take a special offering. Other than that, there will be envelopes as always in which you can mail your check. You may also leave it in the office. If our funds suffer, we’ll have to take a good look on Sundays at what God says about money, both in your personal accounts, and in the church’s. There’s a lot to study. I’ll be busy. I hope you will too. I almost forgot. If in your study during the week you have a question that you can’t answer, Sundays will be a good time to ask those. I’d appreciate the head of a household presenting the question.”

A trembling woman in a smart pale pink suit with matching heels stood to ask a question. Anne rolled her eyes. Apparently the women hadn’t gotten the hint. Maybe God would forgive them until they got it figured out. Will acknowledged her anyway. “You said a woman can’t ask questions in church, let alone teach. She should ask her husband or father. My husband doesn’t come to church, and I know there are several single women, or women whose husbands are not involved. What do you expect us to do?” Her voice edged on irritated.

Pastor Will had discussed this morning with his wife for weeks. They had prayed together over every name in the church directory. They had also discussed potential objections. He was, therefore, prepared for such questions. “See me after the service,” he looked around at various women single, divorced, unequally yoked, “all of you, and I’ll assign you a deacon whom you may call with questions, with needs. And, as I said, you can always call me or Anne.” Anne nodded.

“You’re mighty young to be changing things,” objected an elderly man in a quivering voice.

“I intend to set you an example. If you ever hear me present my own opinion, without reasoning from Scripture, stop me.”

To God be all glory.

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

This is really neat. It sounds more like the real, Biblical thing to me than guys in Hawaiian shirts talking about football.