Sunday, November 26, 2006

Changing Church Part VII

Pastor Will came home after a day full of visits. He had made it a point to meet with each of his deacons this week. Other families called with questions, and he scheduled them in as well. He had traded hourly updates of his daytimer with Anne, who was running the home phone. Now, at eight thirty, he was finally finished for the day. Anne had picked at a lonely dinner. She sprang from the couch to greet him when he walked in the door. A soft quilt fell to the ground as she rose. Her book still in hand, she threw her arms around him. He let his book bag fall carefully at his feet. They were in the way of the door closing, but he didn’t care. Here was one adoring face. He stooped to kiss it. Slowly, letting the weariness of his day melt away, his arms tightened about her.

“Guess what,” she whispered when his ear got close enough.

“I’m beyond surprises. What?”

Anne only giggled, and led him by the hand into the kitchen. The door slammed shut behind them. “How was your day?”

Will looked around for a clue as to where the surprise had gone. “You know.”

“You look distracted.”

“You said there was something I was supposed to guess.” He had learned in a short eight months of marriage that his wife expected to be quoted accurately, even when he was quoting her to herself.

“How would you like to start a family?” His beloved curled her lip over her tongue and bit it expectantly.


“How ‘bout already?”

Realization finally dawned on him that his little Anne was pregnant. He swung her off of the counter onto which she had hefted herself. Then he set her down. She was beaming. “But what if I lose my job?”

“No buts now, dearest.”

“Oh yeah.”

“God knows.”


“You want to talk about your day?”

“All I want to do is look at you.” Will’s hand reached out to caress Anne’s cheek. Her eyes shone with happiness. She slid his hand to her belly. There was no swelling in her abdomen yet, no kicking to feel. Yet he thrilled, knowing.

To God be all glory.

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