Tuesday, November 14, 2006



Late at night
Awake again
Does this wondering
Ever end?

See the stars
Over head.
There I stand
Not in bed.

Looking out,
Waiting there,
Facing future:
I’m so scared.

Let me go;
Hold me tight.
The sky is grey,
But I’ll be all right.

Dream the dreams,
Look above.
I want so much
To fall in love.

Hoist anchors,
Set the sails.
Can I still believe
In fairy tales?

They say time flies;
Is it true?
Lord, how long
Must I wait on You?

I want to live,
Let me dance.
Tell me when
I’ll get my chance.

I need to know
If it’s all a lie.
Forget faith and
Just let me cry!

Stand up straight or
May I slouch?
Should I smile when
I want to pout?

Speak with ease,
Or close my mouth?
I’ll get through,
Don’t ask me how.

Pressure me –
See what you get:
Know what to do;
Haven’t done it yet.

One year past
Another comes.
Tell me, please,
Is this the one?

Living the now
Today is great;
Happy here
Yet I can’t wait.

“Eighteen means old,”
My friend said.
To me it seems
Life’s all ahead.

To God be all glory.
(hey, I wrote this. All rights reserved, you know?)


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

YOU wrote that? It is very, very good.

jane said...

hey i'm a friend of paleo and i decided to check out your blog. and you wrote this poem? honestly i have to say it's amzing. i write some myself. but, really that poem, i loved it. wonderful wording! :D

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Oh hiya Jane! How are you?


Lisa of Longbourn said...

So I don't know how I failed to respond to this - I don't usually wait 3.5 years!

Thanks, Paleo and Jane. I did write it (back when I was 18). And even though I'm not 18 by any means any more, it has continued to be relevant to my experience.

To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn