Friday, November 10, 2006


I have many favorite movies. If you ever read my profile, you would notice that. I think I hit the limit, and no more will show. The movies are mostly very long, too. What's more, for me to consider a movie my favorite, it has to be one that I am inclined to rewind and play over again immediately.

One such is The Two Towers. Despite the departures from the book, the tone of the movie, the scenes with Eowyn, and the score are all fantastic. You have to see the Helm's Deep battle scene.

A theme through the movie is names. Pay attention to how many times the recovering King Theoden clings to names. Gimli demands, "Give me your name, horsemaster, and I shall give you mine." Aragorn asks a frightened young soldier for his name before encouraging him. Gandalf's name changes. Treebeard figures out what name to call the hobbits (after he realizes they're not little orcs). Gollum's recovery involves remembering the name given by those who loved him first. If you're interested, I would recommend you watch the movie and let the use of names touch you.

Have you ever considered how seldom people actually use your name? Friends will walk up and start talking. Moms will use your name to call you from across the house. When you're introduced, people prove they know your name. Names are listed to define groups. Picture a conversation, though. How often does someone say, "I am convinced, Lisa, that God has a plan for me in this"?

When people do use my name in that meaningful way, I am touched. They're paying attention to whom they're speaking. What they say is intentional. However someone says my name reflects on what they think about me.

On the flip side, how and when and what version of my name I use indicates the level of familiarity I am in the mood to communicate. First, my parents gave me my name, so when I write to them, I use my first name. A nickname I call myself goes to my close friends. In my business or online, I am usually "Lisa of Longbourn." My full name with middle initial indicates an official signature to less familiar acquaintances. Of course my legal signature doesn't have the middle initial. Finally, when I want to be as anonymous as possible, I am "Lady of Longbourn."

So now I've confessed, and you will all know how I think of you when I sign. However, one thing is always the same. Every letter or post ends with "To God be all glory," indicating my commitment to being God's minister to everyone. And I like to return-address my envelopes with my title, Miss.

What have you noticed about names?

To God be all glory.

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

What have I noticed? Uh...that you still call me Dr. Paleo? :-D JK! No, it's fine...really....