Saturday, May 12, 2007

Family Model of Church

In theory one would find my blog by clicking on a link, by being personally invited (by me or word of mouth), or by being so bored and lonely or desperate for information on a topic that one would use Blogger Search ( On days when I am not particularly motivated to read one website or another, or when I am discouraged that no one is reading my blog (at least no one who comments: hint hint), I too use Blogger Search. To puff my sense of self-importance, I type keywords of articles I recently posted. Then I see mine and might come across other bloggers who are interested in the same topics.

One topic I searched tonight was "changing church," obviously the title of my one and only true series so far at Lady of Longbourn. I came across an article entitled simply Family. The description of the church there is biblical and refreshing and - don't you just wish that you could be in a fellowship of Christians who took the Bible seriously and lived like family? I'm inspired.

So far I haven't read much about this man's story. That's a disclaimer of anything beyond the specifically linked article. He was apparently a pastor for some time, but realized like Pastor Will in my story that the church wasn't being the church described in the Bible. So he set out to find one that was.

To give you a taste, I'll quote part of his article that resonated with me: "I have even found Family here in Redding, at Bethel, where I don’t know anyone and no one knows me, but we know we are Family, so we have common ground on which to enjoy whatever time we have together." I am always excited to find strangers in whom Christ is so apparent that we are like family without knowing much about each other yet. The common salvation ties us together.

To God be all glory.

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